Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Handmade WW1 Trench Knife

World War One Trench Knife Copy - A large blade World War One trench knife copy.
The design is based on various Trench knives and daggers, but is not specifically copied from one design.
Knuckle duster knives or trench knives were used during both World Wars and as you can tell would be formidable weapons in close quarter combat, this design would be more suited to the standard knife fighting hold, and would not work for throat slashing from behind that some reversible blades could be capable of.
The size for this one is medium to large hands, Features oval finger holes and a curved palm rest that is shaped to fit into the centre of your palm, it has triangular type spikes for striking and a lanyard hole with leather lanyard.
The sheath is made from nylon with a plastic insert to prevent the blade cutting through, the sheath also features a belt loop, Velcro catch and leg tie.
The blade is Sheffield Steel and was originally a butchers knife, it is very Sharp and keeps an edge very well too, the handle is 4 sections of aluminium, 2 x 6mm and 2 x 2mm, these sections are glued and screwed together sandwiching the blade between the metal and then screwed together with hidden screws.
Weight is average due to size and it being made of Aluminium.
The second to  last picture shows the Trench Knife in comparison to various other trench knives in my collection, the last picture shows the trench knife next to a standard size brass knuckle.
Features no makers mark but was made by the person who makes most of my other knuckle dusters.
This is one of my favourite trench knives, I really like the old style look of it, although this is contrasted with the very modern looking sheath, altogether a great piece and nice for display too, but could also be used  - (in self defense or "in case of Zombies").

Dimensions - 130mm wide, 85mm high (handle only), 16mm thick, Finger hole is 25mm wide and 30mm high.
Blade is 280mm - (11" inchs)  Overall length is 420mm - (16.5" inchs) Approx.
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