Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Handmade "King Of The Knuckle Dusters" Crown

The "King Of The Knuckle Dusters" Crown - before reading this entry remember is just for fun, and is a bit "Tongue in cheek"
I got the crown because I was at one time frequently called - The King Of The Knuckle Dusters, this Title was originally started by my Friend - Duane Myers (XDM50 on youtube)
and was frenquently used by my subscribers on youtube, some even commenting with statments like "All Hail the King"
I still have the crown stored in my loft (attic), it is about 2 year old now as far as i can remember.
The main body of the crown is made from Aluminium, the knuckle duster on top is a standard Aluminium Spiked knuckle duster that you can find in an old entry in my blog.
It has a padded cloth liner and real fur head rest base, In case you wondered the fur is Rabbit fur.
On four sides of the crown are small ornate Knuckle dusters and trench knife and a Dagger.
The crown also has a Knuckle duster that accompanies it, "King of the Knuckle Dusters" knuckle duster (featured in the pictures).
The crown is a perfect Fit (after all it was made specifically for myself) and i am pretty sure its a one off, and definitely the first ever out there.

I hope you enjoyed this entry, and remember its just a bit of fun, I'm not really this egotistical, lol.

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think! Thanks.

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