Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Handmade Skull Pendant Knuckle Duster

Brand New Skull Pendant Knuckle Duster - Two finger pendant style knuckleduster, could be worn as a necklace or just kept in a pocket and looks just like a skull, giving this design an advantage overordinary designs due to the fact it could be carried and not recognised as a self defense tool.
It is part of a range of Skull designs - the others are - The voodoo skull "gri-gri" Knuckle Duster and the Large Skull Knuckle Duster.
The size for this one is Medium to small hands, and will NOT fit large fingers
Features Oval finger holes and a very comfortable curved palm rest, Weight is Low, and feels good in the pocket and when worn as a necklace, it is not really heavy at all. On the bottom of two of the teeth it is imprinted with WC-10 (which is a makers mark and year).
The features of the skull are engraved into the aluminium on both sides and filled with ink to make them stand out more, as are the teeth, each of which is recessed in the aluminium and shaped just like real teeth,

Dimensions - 63mm wide, 85mm high, 12mm thick, Finger holes are approx - 21mm wide and 27mm high,


Please leave a comment letting me know what you think! Thanks.


  1. Great duster, Mike!

    Lovely design, can't wait for more pictures of skull dusters :D

    this1, large skull head, front fist freddy, voodoo skull, death's head and death's head trench knife :D

    Post them soon! :D


  2. Hi!

    Good job Mike. If you cut like small chip out of the back side ( so you can open bottles with that). I`m sure that you can open bottles without changing it, but tell to Law that it is bottleopener:D

  3. Hello Mike,
    You've done a great job at making dusters. Have you considered selling commercially? I bought two dusters about 3 years ago that were marketed as paperweights. The laws here in the U.S. have gotten stricter against the purchase of this type of item. Dusters can still be sold in some states.

    Thanks for the fine post and pics!

  4. That is really cool. How do you engrave the teeth and eyebrows?