Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Animal Paw Knuckle Duster - Home Made

Animal Paw Knuckle Duster - A four finger knuckle duster that resembles a animals paw, although there are designs that are closer to a real paw print than this, this has been made to fit the hand better than the other designs. 
The size is suited to small to medium hands, features oval finger holes and a flat palm rest,
Weight is low due the size and it being Aluminum,
These have no spikes, just the triangular peaked tops.
Features no makers mark, but was made by the person who makes most of my other knuckle dusters.
Overall a very nice design, practical yet has a stylish look to it especially if you like anything to do this paw prints or animal tracks etc, and as you can see in the pictures above it fits the hand well and would be a great self defense tool.

Dimensions - 115mm wide, 75mm high, 20mm thick, Finger holes are 26mm wide and 30mm high approx

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think! Thanks.

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