Thursday, 19 August 2010

Handmade WW1 Deaths Head Trench Knife

World War One Deaths Head Trench Knife Copy - A modern Handmade / home made reproduction of the famous British deaths head trench knives from World War One.
The design is based solely on the Death Heads Trench knives of World War One,
Knuckle duster knives or trench knives were used during both World Wars, the Deaths heads could be used in any knife fighting hold (slashing, stabbing, used from behind to cut throats), and would have been a formidable weapon in close quarters combat.
The size for this one is medium to large hands, but would also be able to be used by smalls hands due to the finger hole shapes.
Features oblong finger holes and a curved palm rest that sits comfortably in your hand, the deaths heads also feature four spikes for striking.
The sheath is a modern leather one, with belt loop, handle catch and a loop to attach a leg tie, the sheath can also be worn upside down on the chest as well as on a belt in the standard position.
The blade is an old English Dunlop tyre lever, although not razor sharp it is still sharpened on both sides and was shaped into a dagger style blade and would still be capable of stabbing, the handle is solid aluminium, and the blade is held within the handle in a groove and has been secured in place with two large screws.
Weight is average due to size and it being made of Aluminium.
Features a makers mark - WC-09 - maker and year made, also features U.K, the blade is imprinted with DUNLOP across the entire blade.
This is again one of my favourite trench knives, the beautiful old style and unique look of the deaths heads make them really nice pieces, and with a modern sheath it has an even more attractive look, great for display and as a talking point, but could be used in a combat situation.

Dimensions - 170mm wide (handle only), 80mm high (handle only), 20mm thick, Finger holes are 58mm wide and 30mm high.
Blade is 230mm - (9" inches)  Overall length is 400mm - (15.3/4" inches) Approx.
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  2. I would love to have a knife like that in my collection. I am sure that with some time an patience it can be made "hair shaving" sharp.

    Excellent post!