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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

ThruNite C2 Power Bank and Charger (for e.d.c, b.o.b, survival)

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Product Description

The C2 is designed to be the fastest charging and discharging solution on the market.
Buy ONE you will get a THREE in one solution: a fastest charger, a fastest portable mobile power bank and a high capacity rechargeable battery.

The fastest charger with 2.4A input
The fastest portable mobile power bank with 3A output
The high capacity rechargeable battery which is applicable for various lighting devices
Reversed polarity protection system prevents damage to the device

Input: DC 5V, Max 2.4A 
Output: DC 5V, Max 3A
Material: AL T6061 aircraft aluminum body
Applicable Battery: ThruNite 3400mAh 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
Working Temperature: -20℃-40℃.
Size: 92.8mm(Length)*25mm(Width)
Weight: only 38g (excluding the battery)
Accessories: 1 * USB cable, 1 * 18650 3400mAh battery, 1 * mesh bag
Battery Replacement

Unscrew the tail cap, insert the 18650 battery with the positive terminal down into the battery tube, and then screw the tail cap back on. 
Instructions and Warnings For C2 Portable Charger

As a fast power bank with a max output of 3A, C2 Only charges devices when the input current at least 350mA.
We recommend using the original devices cable to charge phones and other devices. Uncertified cables may not be compatible with devices.
Please make sure the charging cable is connected securely into the charging port of the C2 charger.The charging notification will be displayed on the screen of mobiles devices once connected successfully

Saturday, 3 December 2016

WeaponCollector's Knife Collection - Part Two

Mike's Knife Collection 2016 - Part Two, (Part One Here) this is part two of my knife collection as of 2016, I have sold some, and have gained many since I did my first knife collection video seven years ago.

This part mainly shows the folding knives again and some fixed blades and four Trench Knives (knuckle duster knife) in part one I show at least one trench knife.

I would say my favourites in this video are the Trench Sword, the Knuckle Duster Machete, the old Flick Knife (Switch blade) and Stiletto knife and again the ones I was given as gifts or for my birthday.

In this video is 34 knives I think, and together with part one make around 82 knives.

If you like the look of some of these knives below are a few links to places to buy them, and if you do use the links I will get 8% of what you spend - CLICK THE NAMES BELOW TO GO TO THE KNIVES :

Cima Jungle Knife £21.97

Hibben Claw Type Knife £9.09

HK Survival Knife £14.81

Ganzo G746 £14.51

Ganzo G729 £13.87

Ganzo G727 £11.42

HX Outdoors Knife £45.23

Ganzo G720 £16.63

(Part One is here - Click the writing) Also If you want links, info or a review of any particular knife just ask.

ALL knives in this video are 100% legal to own where I live, some you can't buy or sell now, but they are fine to keep in your own house / private property etc.

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