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Friday, 18 December 2009

Home Made Knuckle Duster Collection

The collection includes, my Knuckle Dusters, Knives, guns, crossbows, swords, I have been collecting for over 18 year, I currently own about 130 Brass Knuckles.

I also do a bit of target shooting and small game hunting, but my main interest is knuckle dusters.

Here is some of my collection, I will gradually show all of the items in their owns post.


More about WeaponCollector

As I said in the first post I make weapons - truncheons, knives, coshes, all sorts.
I also collect weapons, hence the name "WeaponCollector" , I collect guns of all types, knives and any other weapons, I also regulary post videos on youtube where I now have over 18.800+ subscribers with over 7,000,000 combined video views.
This blog is a place for me to show others my collection, my blog now has over 1.2 million views.

My Youtube channel -

My First Post

Welcome to my Blog, hope you all like it,
This is my first post, I have just started this blog. o.k heres some info about me, my name is Mike, and I Collect Knuckle Dusters/Brass knuckles,
I also like to make certian weapons (batons, nunchucks, knives) and love to collect any weapons or any kind.

I hope you all enjoy my Blog.

Also check out my Youtube page - WeaponCollector