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Friday, 16 April 2010

S&W HRT Badge Knife Review

S&W HRT Badge Knife Review

Smith and Wesson: S&W HRT Badge Knife, SW-HRT2
Smith and Wesson HRT Badge Knife features a 2 7/8" serrated stainless steel hawkbill blade with jimped spine, full tang construction with finger hole and Zytel handle scales. A black molded plastic combination sheath with belt clip, neck ball chain and badge carry options, is included. 5 5/8" overall.

Smith and Wesson HRT Knives :

Smith and Wesson, S&W HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) knives: Many are designed by Darrel Ralph, some by Stewart Taylor-all designed to meet the specific needs of Military and Law Enforcement applications. S&W HRT knives are designed for quick deployment and are available in a variety of designs from fixed blades to folders-all of which utilize high tech materials in the construction of blades, handles and sheaths.
What is HRT? From the FBI Official site, the HRT mission is to: Servare Vitas - "To Save Lives". The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), part of the Tactical Support Branch of CIRG (Critical Incident Response Group), is a full time, national-level tactical team, headquartered in Quantico, Virginia. The mission of the HRT is to be prepared to deploy to any location within four hours of notification by the Director of the FBI or his designated representative, and conduct a successful rescue of United States persons and others who may be held illegally by a hostile force, either terrorist or criminal in nature. The HRT is also prepared to deploy to any location and perform other law enforcement activities as directed by appropriate authorities.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Crossbow VS Nine Water Bottles

Crossbow VS Nine Water Bottles, For a new video on YouTube I decided to see how a Barnett commando 2 compound Crossbow (150lb draw weight) would perform against water bottles, my personal prediction was that it would go through all of them, i was quite wrong, first I just shot one bottle and the bolt went through no trouble, then i shot the nine bottles together, the bolt went through six bottles and stayed there, I then shot them again and the bolt only went through three or four, but this one was strange, the point on the bolt came off and carried on through 2 more bottles, so that could mean it is the flights that are stopping the bolt going right through, I did originally think it was the water causing a drag effect, but it might not be.

Video is included below.

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Shooting a on edge playing card in half.

Shooting a on edge playing card in half, I recently made a video for youtube showing myself shooting a playing Card in half down the edge using a .22 Webley Stingray deluxe Air rilfe with 3-9 x 40 Tasco Golden Antler Scope, there was a bit of side wind but after about 15 shots i did it, the distance was 17m, I was also shooting from a rest in a sitting position,

Video is included below.

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