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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Cleaned up / Restored Gurkha Khukuri Knife

Cleaned up / Restored Gurkha Khukuri Knife - My cleaned up and renovated Kukri Knife, Originally the blade was rusty and chipped, sheath was damaged and so was the handle, I fixed all those parts and added a leather strap and O-ring lanyard hoop, the sheath was also re oiled to give it a much better look than it had before.

History : The Kukri is a curved Nepalese Knife, similar to the machete, used as both a tool and as a weapon. It is a traditional weapon for Nepalese people, and also a weapon of choice/side arm for all Nepalese including those serving in different armies around the world.

I bought mine from a friend about 6 years ago for about £5 ($3) it was dirty, damaged and not very nice, I took the knife, sanded off the rust from the blade, filled the holes in the handle with filler, re-coloured the handle and oiled and fixed the sheath adding a few extra parts (leather strap and lanyard hoop). overall its a much nicer knife than it was.

Features: Horn handle, brass pommel and fixtures, goat leather sheath, spring steel blade, two accessory knives (utility knife, and knife sharpening steel) and the flint and tinder pouch.

Dimensions : Blade - 330mm, Handle - 110mm, Overall length 440mm.

Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think! Thanks.

WeaponCollector's Tactical Meat Cleaver

Saw Back

Jimping and Vine / Fire  File Work

Finger Grooved handle and Lanyard holes

Traditional hanging hole

WeaponCollector's Tactical Meat Cleaver -  A modern Tactical Meat cleaver style knife for fighting, features a saw back, jimping, and file work, finger grooves and various lanyard holes and a hanging hook like the old traditional cleavers a butcher would have had.
These types of knife are usually for cutting large thick pieces of meat and therefore should lends its self well to fighting, possible taking off limbs with a single swipe if sharp enough.

The blade is mild steel, and was part of an old T section beam, although not hardened it could be at any time by removing the handles, the handles are made from plywood and are painted black, with brass bolts, the back of the handle features some file work that resembles fire, or a thorn vine.

Weight is very heavy due to the size of the blade and thickness, although heavy and slightly cumbersome the weight means that even a glancing blow would cause considerable damage.
Features no makers mark.
At this time there is no sheath, but I plan to get a nice tactical style scabbard with straps and various pouches.

A great collectors piece, not many people make "tactical" style cleavers like this, great for display and as a talking point, but could be used in a combat situation.

Dimensions - Blade 190mm long, Handle 115mm long, Blade thickness 10mm, Overall length 305mm approx.

Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think! Thanks.