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Sunday, 10 October 2010

For Sale : Urban Survival Pry Bar Multi Tools

WeaponCollector's Urban Survival Pry Bar Multi Tools - Brand new designed and created by myself, coming to a web store near you very soon and possibly eBay too, (can also be bought from myself via pay pal by emailing me - email is on the right hand side bar of this blog)
There are two kinds - the standard 8 1/2" version and a kubaton style version that is 6"
Each tool consists of a combination of the following - Prying tool, Nail Puller, Tin/bottle opener, Flat head screw driver, Rasp type saw and cutting edge, Approx 2.5 m of Paracord, and 1 x lock Pick, 2 x Tension Tools, 1 x craft style blade (Stanley blade or other smaller type for the thinner pry bars) 80mm Hack saw blade, small compass and other possible small survival items.

Each is hand made and each can be made to the buyers specification, there are three types of standard bar (Straight, Part bend, and full bend) straight bars and Part bend bars can have the blade and rasp type saw, but full bend cannot accommodate the tools on the side of the bar.
The Kubaton style pry bars can be used for EDC and self defense, they are perfect for a kubaton or fist load to reinforce you fist.
The Kubaton style one may also be able to have a bend to make the pry bar more powerful.
Each Pry bar is Blued (the same technique used to colour gun parts)

Recommended for E.D.C (Every Day Carry) or a in  B.O.B (Bail Out Bag) or in the car or other everyday places, I have designed these tool as a Urban survival item, maybe you are walking down the street and a incident happens, you may  need to get away fast, or hide, these tools will get you in or out of a building, that's what they are designed for, escape and evasion and to save lives, maybe a house is on fire and you need to get in or out, again this tool could save your life or someone Else's.
But at the same time, you have other survival items - tin opener, para cord, blade and saws, all good for survival in urban or rural situations.

Dimensions :
Standard Bar - 8 1/2 " long, 1" wide, 3/16" thick
Kubaton Style - 6" long,  3/4" to 1" wide, and 3/8" thick.


Please feel free to comment and leave plenty of feed back, email me too for details of prices if you are interested (they are will be a fraction of the price of any commercial type tool of this type)