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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

WeaponCollector's Home Made Wrist Crossbow

WeaponCollector's Wrist Crossbow - A full working wrist crossbow, also known as a Arm or Forearm Mounted Crossbow, Wrist Bow or Armbow.
Similar to the one used in Mad Max 2 : The Road Warrior, Used by the character Wez.
This is a fully working model, single shot only, shoots standard 6" pistols bolts and the draw weight is 50lbs
This is the Mark 1 Wrist Crossbow, this version features no cocking mechanism and therefore has to be removed to be cocked, I have tried cocking it with my left hand using two fingers and its just too hard.

Mark 2 version (coming soon) will have a cocking mechanism for the left hand meaning the crossbow won't need to be taken off to be cocked.
Version 1 would have had the cocking mechanism, but because the mechanism wasn't on the original designs I drew up I couldn't fit it on to the crossbow.
It has a reasonably light trigger pull and can be fire by either tilting your hand down while holding the handle at the front or by using the back trigger, (the back trigger was designed as a aid to shooting if the trigger pull was very hard, however it is not, so its not really needed).
Accuracy is low due to the fact you can't really aim it, you just point and shoot, you may be able to become proficient at shooting it after a lot of practice though.
Features include double straps to hold it to your arm, aluminium arm guard, double trigger, 50lb prod which is easily removed.
It took about 14hrs to make that was spread across two working days, it is mainly made from wood and aluminium and some screws and was made using very basic tool with the only power tool being a drill.

Dimensions : Length of arm guard - 10.5" ,  Full length - 13" ,  Arm guard width - 4.5" , Prod width - 17" , Height - 5.5" , Draw Length is 5".
Wrist Crossbow tags - wrist bow wrist cross bow arm crossbow mounted forearm weapon.

For a full demo please watch the video below 

Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think! Thanks.