Wednesday, 4 August 2010

My Air Gun / Rifle Collection

My Air Gun Collection - I have been collecting Airguns for about 15 years now, my collection of Air Weapons as of now consists of approx 8 Rifles and 10 Pistols, ranging from very cheap SMK pistols to expensive BSA Rifles and HW45 Pistol worth £250 when i bought it.
I have a very old Webley mark 1 Air Pistol that is probably over 30 or 40 years old, It needs new replacement parts now, however i have made some parts for it , but the real thing would be better,
My current hunting rifles are - BSA Lightning .22 (full U.K Limit - 12ft/lbs) and a Webley Stingray Deluxe .22 (full U.K Limit - 12ft/lbs)
What makes the Webley a Deluxe version? - that fact that it has a Walnut stock and has no holes for open sights
I also have a BSA Mercury .22 which must be 20years old itself, I also own a old ASI (ASI is now Gamo) Paratrooper which i think is from the 70's or maybe even older, most of the old Guns were originally my fathers,
My favourite Pistols are either the HW45 or my Crosman 2240, both of which are close to the u.k legal limit (6ft/lbs)
For more info on my collection view the video below.

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