Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Home Made Solid Brass Knuckles

2009 Solid Brass Knuckles - A traditional style solid brass knuckle duster made in 2009 based on traditional designs but without the hole under the finger holes, this knuckle duster is part of a pair made from the same metal and the other now belongs to a relative of mine, both knuckle dusters are identical.
The size for this Knuckle Duster is small to medium and may fit large hands as well, Features oval finger holes and a curved palm rest and five spikes - four normal punching strike type spikes and one skull crusher spike used in a hammer blow strike
Weight is heavy due it being made of solid brass.
Features various makers marks, 2009 - year made, Solid Brass - material its made from and W.C - Maker.
Although these don't look it now they were highly polished once, this is what brass looks like after a years worth of handling and not being cleaned.
Overall a classic design and very attractive and practical at the same time and was one of my first ever brass knuckles .

Dimensions - 115mm wide, 80mm high, 10mm thick, Finger holes are 26mm wide and 32mm high, Spikes are 10mm.

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