Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Home Made "100" Knuckle Duster

WeaponCollector's "100" Knuckle Duster - A large boxer style Knuckle Duster.
The "100" knuckle duster is based on the old boxer knuckle duster designs but made in a more simplified way and with two extra spikes and no decoration under the finger holes.
The name "100 knuckle duster" came from the fact that the metal happened to have the series of numbers on it and once made had "100" left on the knuckle duster, it then became known as WeaponCollector's "100" knuckle duster.
The size for this Knuckle Duster is medium to large hands, Features oval finger holes and a wide curved palm rest ,the wideness of the palm rest and knuckle duster make this very comfortable and safe to use.
Weight is average due its thickness and it being made of Aluminium.
It also features six Spikes, four for using in a standard punching move, and two others called skull crushers, used in a hammer blow move.
The second to last  picture shows the 100 that was already on the metal, and the last picture shows a close up of one of the skull crusher spikes.
Features no makers mark but was made by the person who makes most of my other knuckle dusters.
Overall a classic design and very attractive and good to use (in a self defense situation) and is personally one of my all time favourites as it was my first ever thick knuckle duster.

Dimensions - 130mm wide, 85mm high, 22mm thick, Finger holes are 28mm wide and 34mm high, Spikes are 12mm.

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  1. These are so awesome , do you know where i can get some in queensland, AU?

  2. Excellent work. Are you selling this particular duster, if so how much for? Let me know.

  3. I've never even seen one with spiked sides too. You're making me jealous. -N