Thursday, 19 August 2010

Three Finger Knuckle Duster (Handmade - Broken)

Three Finger Knuckle Duster - A Solid Aluminium Traditional Style Knuckle Duster with only three finger holes, Based on the classic design that has been around for many years, just cut down.
This design was not actually planned, the metal had a defect and cracked while being made and was then turned into this three finger knuckle duster, it can be worn either way, first three fingers or last three fingers depending on the person wearing them.
Although not deliberately made this size they are still safe to use and comfortable to wear, the size would also help these to be concealed and keep the weight down too.
This design and finger hole shapes are perfect for most hands, they are very comfortable and safe too use, they also sit in the palm of the hand securely and safely.
The size is suited to Medium or Large hands.
Features oval finger holes and a curved palm rest, weight is low due the size and it being Aluminum,
These have no spikes, just the round tops.
Features makers marks - W.C on both sides, and the year it was made - 2009.
Overall I would say these small three finger knuckle dusters are great, they still look cool, and can be concealed even easier than a standard size version, they make a very attractive knuckle duster and great conversation piece too.

Dimensions - 95mm wide, 77mm high, 10mm thick, Finger holes are 26mm wide.

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  1. I like the Three Finger Knuckle Duster design - but if anyone had to use it in a self defense situation, a hammer strike would be much less effective than with the original knuckle duster design.

  2. Some soldiers used to prefer 3 finger knuckles because it makes it easier to fire a gun while wearing them.

  3. Dear Sir,If you've got an Knuckle Knife similar to this (a three fingered BC-41 Knuckle knife),please to share it with us.