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Sunday, 19 December 2010

WeaponCollector's Homemade Pistol Crossbow

WeaponCollector's Homemade Pistol Crossbow, made in December 2010, it took about 10hrs work spread over a period of about 2 week, virtually entirely hand made, with a drill being the only power tool used.
Made using 12mm Plywood, 3mm Plywood, some 2mm Aluminium, some 10mm aluminium and various screw, bolts, glue and a few springs.
The way this crossbow was made is also one of the most simple ways they can be done, its doesn't need a lot of tools or skill using the method I use.
The design was created by weaponcollector and was based on the handle of a Glock, the back part of a Beretta, and the rest of the stock was just a plain standard front stock.
The Prod is 50lb draw weight and was bought online.
After making the Crossbow I tested it without any adjustments and it fired very well, but did have a few miss fires where the string jumped over the bolt, however this can be easy fixed with a bit of re-filing on the "Nut"
Its also has quite a hard trigger pull, but that's normal for this kind of trigger mechanism, and you soon get used to it after shooting a few times.
I have also filmed the entire "Making of" for this crossbow which can be viewed either on my blog, or on my Youtube channel - WeaponCollector - There is a total of about 16 videos in the series ranging from 5 minutes to 22 minutes long, the last video features a small review and a section showing the crossbow being fired into various targets.
Overall a great project to make, simple and easy, and I think most people should be able to make something similar.

I hope you liked my Crossbow, Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.


  1. Excellent, sir! I watched a bunch of your videos and enjoyed them very much.

  2. very cool crossbow mike! you should try making a pistol next, the action of your crossbow is very similar, except the fact that the nut is a hammer and it should have a spring behind it! you could order a crossman 760 air rifle barrel for about 10 bucks, and i can teach you how to make the nipple and fix it to the barrel if you can use plain old caps for cap guns to propel the projectile, you get higher velocities than you would imagine with them. just send me a message if you are interested in directions!

  3. The hand-crossbow looks nice, but the bow blade seems to be placed a bit too low, which to me seems that friction of the bowstring over the top part of the crossbow will eat a lot of the kinetic energy that could have been used to accelerate the bolt. Years ago there was an alternative design in a book called the poor mans armorer, which used a triangle shaped base plate fastened to the underside of a hand-crossbow with two vertical metal rods and elastic bands.(Imagine a letter T with a metal rod on the on the left and right side of the horizontal line) Those where meant to make the weapon less wide and as a cheap alternative of a bow blade.