Thursday, 9 December 2010

S.A.S Survival Tin/Kit

My Survival tin, also know as a Altoids survival kit, The SAS survival handbook says to carry one of these tins everyday, this is my version.

New and Improved, plus a better explanation.

The SAS Survival Kit was designed for use by Special Forces. To meet their demanding requirements, the Special Forces Survival Kit is designed to include a robust selection of high quality components, it was developed for the British SAS by John "Lofty" Wiseman, designed to meet their exact specifications and pass their extensive trials. Therefore, this kit is known as the SAS Survival Kit.
The Special Forces Survival Kit is the 'top of the line' model of all of our BCB Personal Survival Kits. 
-Water Resistant Tin
-Pen knife
-Button compass
-Wire Saw
-Sewing kit
-Safety Pins
-Snare Wire
-Flint & Striker
-Hacksaw Blade
-Fishing kit

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