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Thursday, 9 December 2010

In Case Of Zombies Part 2 - The Weapons Survival Kit.

The In case of Zombies Weapons Survival kit - Featuring the Zombie killer Spiked Truncheon, The steel bladed Mace club, 12g shotgun, .45 single action army revolver, Colt 1911 .45, .50 AE Desert Eagle, Ninja Sword and Double Barrel shotgun


  1. Love your blog, i do have a few comments about this post. In a post apocalyptic zombie world guns would be a poor choice of weapon because ammo would be scarce. Without society to produce more ammunition, produce materials to produce ammunition, etc...ammunition would eventually get all used up. Plus, the scarcity would increase because while you or i would need ammo so would everyone else looking for it thus increasing the demand. Furthermore, what about parts if the gun breaks down (in the off chance)? Blunt and or bladed weapons or weapons easily made (bow and arrow) would be preferred because they don't have parts that could fail, parts you need (aka ammo) that are scarce. Sure blunt or bladed weapons would require one to be closer to a zombie to kill them, but in the long run they'd be better because with out the ammo and parts that's one thing less you have to depend on.
    PS i'm not weird, i'm working on a book and it takes place in a zombie world.

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