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Friday, 3 December 2010

How to make a Pistol Crossbow (full tutorial) Part 1 - Materials and Plans

Below are the plans for the simple pistol crossbow - ready to save and print

Click to enlarge and right click to save

Click to enlarge and right click to save

Click to enlarge and right click to save

Part 1 - Materials and Plans - Scroll down for a detailed video of what materials to buy.

Materials list : 50lb or 80lb draw weight pistol crossbow prod - search Google for places that sell them

Or you can make a pistol prod by cutting handsaw blades into 45cm x 37mm sections using a angle grinder, cut in grooves at the end for the string and tape together in bundles of at least 5 (more details coming soon)
You will also need:

Two plywood boards, 38cm x 19cm  x 12mm  or any wood this size.

One plywood board, 38cm x 19cm  x 3mm  or any wood or material this size.

Two aluminium plates, 7.5cm x 7.5 cm x 10mm , or any hard materials, including hard wood, plastics, other metals (you can use steel, but it will make this a very long hard job)

One aluminium plate 9.5cm x 3.6cm x 5mm or some kind of hardwood this size.

Four aluminium plates 12cm x 5cm x 2mm thick, or you can 3mm plywood for this.

One aluminium plate 11cm x 18mm x 2mm , can be aluminium or tin or steel, must be some kind of bendable metal.

One aluminium plate 15cm x 15mm x 2mm, can be aluminium or tin or steel, must be some kind of bendable metal.

Two Nut and Bolts 4cm long, 5mm thick

One Nut and Bolt 6cm long, 7mm thick.

One Nut and Bolt 25mm long, 3mm thick

At least 20 screws, 25mm long.

One Tension coil spring, 10mm thick or slightly less.

An old butter knife blade or old spoon, to create a "bolt holder"

As far as I can remember this should be all materials need, the video below has a more detailed description,
Part 2  - Tools  - will be coming soon.

 Detailed Video Below - 


  1. Hey Mike,
    Very cool tutorial!
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Hi Mike, just stumbled onto your YT page and saw your superb tutorial. The best I've seen so far, that's for sure. Just wanted to thank you for the great tutorial and well, all the best.


  3. отличное видео!)

  4. I made this crossbow by using as a bow - two solid fiberglass fishing arrows, each 1/4 in. thick (round) by about 30 in. long, taped together side by side to make double strength. Got them at Academy Sport for $3 each. Works great, decent power.

  5. I love this,but stumbled into it because I was looking for instructions on turning a air gun (using its parts)to make a pistol crossbow.Having trouble finding instructions.

  6. Muy buen material,te agradezco por regalar esta enseñanza... Desde Colombia te damos las gracias.

  7. Hi, Mike. I enjoyed the YouTube video series on the pistol crossbow and have subscribed to the channel.
    You've inspired me to have a go myself. Great work, mate.

    Thanks for the plans - makes work much easier. Peace!

  8. magnificent blogseu

  9. How many money cost al the materials for this crossbow?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. how do I print the instuctions

  12. on size paper should I print on?

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