Sunday, 16 January 2011

FOR SALE : Kubaton Urban Survival Pry Bar Tools

Standard Kubaton Pry Bar


WeaponCollector's Kubaton Urban Survival Pry Bars - Self Defense EDC Style Kubaton versions of the U.S.P - Urban Survival Prybars - designed and created by myself.

The models shown will be Available soon - 1st March 2011 on Duane Myers Store - and eBay (link coming soon), if you are interested in a pry bar either email myself -
or visit Duane's store, or click this link to go to my Youtube channel and P.M me there -> WeaponCollector

The Pry Bars will be Available to ship Worldwide.

There are three kinds of pry bar shown - All approx 6-1/2"long, however the two more unusual pry bars will most probably be discontinued (unless specifically asked for) and only the standard kubaton pry bar will be made on a regular basis.
Each tool consists of a combination of the following - Prying tools, Nail Pullers, Tin / Bottle Opener, Small prying tool / Flat Screwdriver, Each has Approx 2.5m of Paracord, and can all be used as a Kubaton.
They also include a small Urban Survival kit under the paracord, this consists of -
1 x lock Pick, 1 x Tension Tools, 1 x craft style blade, 1 x Saw (Wood or Metal cutting).
Each is hand made and each can be made to the buyers specification if wanted, there are three types of kubaton bar at this moment, but i may just make the standard bars, however if ask i will ake any type of pry bar - these include ones with Cutting edges and larger prying surfaces and all will feature the Bottle/Tin opener and screwdriver section as a standard feature.

Current finishes for the pry bars are - Blued (the same technique used to colour gun parts)
and to add extra colour I may start wrapping them with various colour paracords.
Recommended for E.D.C (Every Day Carry) or a in B.O.B (Bail Out Bag) or in the car or other everyday places, I have designed these tools as a Urban survival item and the kubatons bars are particularly good for EDC and self defense, maybe you are walking down the street and a incident happens, you will have a great self defense weapon at hand, or maybe you may need to get away fast, or hide -  these tools will get you in or out of a building, that's what they are designed for - Self Defense and Escape and Evasion and to save lives.
But at the same time, you have other survival items - tin opener, para cord, blade and saws, all good for survival in urban or rural situations.
You will have on you atleast 12 different tools on your person while carrying the Kubaton Pry Bar.

Either way I feel these are a great addition to any survival kit and a great alternative to the standard pry bars that are available.

Dimensions :6-1/2 " long, 1" wide, 3/8" thick approx.

Please feel free to leave a comment below, Email me for details of prices if you are interested (they are will be a fraction of the price of any commercial tool of this type)


  1. These can be lethal as self defense weapons some should be very aware while using them. I preffer a pepper spray, it should be enough to get you out of harms way.

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