Saturday, 15 January 2011

FOR SALE : Heavy Duty Urban Survival Pry Bar Tools

WeaponCollector's Heavy Duty Urban Survival Pry Bars -  Brand new heavy duty versions of the U.S.P - Urban Survival Prybars - designed and created by myself.
The models shown will be Available soon - 1st March 2011 on Duane Myers Store - and eBay (link coming soon), if you are interested in a pry bar either email myself -
or visit Duane's store, or click this link to go to my Youtube channel and P.M me there -> WeaponCollector
The Pry Bars will be Available to ship Worldwide.

There are two kinds - Both approx 10 1/2"long ,one has Wooden handle scales and one is wrapped with paracord.
Each tool consists of a combination of the following - 2 x Prying tools, 2 x Nail Pullers, Wood saw and cutting edge, The Black one has Approx 3m of Paracord, and the wood handle one features its own screwdriver to remove the handle scales.
They also include a small Urban Survival kit under the paracord or inside the wood handle, this consists of -
1 x lock Pick, 1 x Tension Tools, 1 x craft style blade, Snare wire and a P-38 tin opener.

Each is hand made and each can be made to the buyers specification if wanted, there are two types of heavy duty bar at this moment, but at a later date many different types will be available, these include - straight section pry bars and Part bend section bars and many will feature the Bottle/Tin opener and screwdriver section that the kubaton ones have, plus many more and all will have the blade and wood saw,
Current finishes for the pry bars are - Blued (the same technique used to colour gun parts) and Black hard wearing Enamel Paint, other finishes may be available later.

Recommended for E.D.C (Every Day Carry) or a in B.O.B (Bail Out Bag) or in the car or other everyday places, I have designed these tool as a Urban survival item, maybe you are walking down the street and a incident happens, you may need to get away fast, or hide, these tools will get you in or out of a building, that's what they are designed for, escape and evasion and to save lives, maybe a house is on fire and you need to get in or out, again this tool could save your life or someone else's.
But at the same time, you have other survival items - tin opener, para cord, blade and saws, all good for survival in urban or rural situations.
Either way I feel these are a great addition to any survival kit and a great alternative to the standard pry bars that are available.

Dimensions :10-1/2 " long, 1-1/2" wide, 1/4" thick approx.

Please feel free to leave a comment below, Email me for details of prices if you are interested (they are will be a fraction of the price of any commercial tool of this type)


  1. I think you've convinced me to pick up one or two. I'll order them thru you buddy's shop in the U.S.A. maybe one of those figure-8 bottle openers too if i can get one

  2. Hi Mark, Glad you liked the Prybars, they should be available soon - march 2011, as for the bottle openers, Duane will be getting one in march too, so if you get in quick you maybe able to gwt hold of it, I will be making more and send those over to duane to sell some time after the prybars sell.


  3. Loved the pry bar videos. Looks like Duane only has a few short ones left. Anymore coming? I was thinking of buying a large tire iron from Harbor Freight and trying to make one of these but the iron doesn't seem just right for this project.

  4. Hello can you do a longer one maybe a 15-20 inch long because i do not have enough force?

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