Sunday, 16 January 2011

Home Made T Handle Brass Knuckles - Knuckle Duster

Large Size T Handle Knuckle Duster - A Large size Old style T handle Knuckle Duster
A very old classic design knuckle duster / brass knuckles, these particular ones where made in 2010,
The T handle design has been around for at least a hundred of years and versions of it have been owned by some very famous people, included at least one U.S president.
Very comfortable, great design, looks great - a real all time classic.
The size for this Knuckle Duster is medium to large hands, and would not fit people with smaller hands. Features oval finger holes and a curved palm rest.
Weight is average due it to its thickness and being made of aluminium.

Features various makers marks - WC and 2010 on both sides.
Overall a great classic design that's still being reproduced today, great for self defense, but looks even better on display, one of my all time favourite designs.
Dimensions - 120mm wide, 85mm high, 12mm thick, Finger holes are 26mm wide and 32mm high approx.

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Also Known as - Бокс (оръжие), Puny americà, Boxer (zbraň), Dyrnau haearn, Knojern, Schlagring, Puño de acero, Puño Americano, Altzairuzko ukabila, Nyrkkirauta, Tirapugni, ナックルダスター, Kastete, Kastet, Buku lima, Boksbeugel, Knokejern, Soco-inglês, Кастет, Boksar (orožje), Knogjärn, Muşta, 鐵蓮花, Knuckle dusters, knuckles, home made, handmade, how to make, for sale, sell, buy, trade, u.k, england, Brass Knuckles, Brass Knucks, Poing Americain


  1. Very nice - got to be my favorite knuckles design! Great post

  2. So can you post where to buy them?