Saturday, 15 January 2011

Home Made Self Defence Bottle Opener Key Rings

WeaponCollector's Figure 8 Bottle Openers - From original prototype designs to finished product. Made to resemble the number 8, the bottle opener is multi use  - Bottle opener / Self Defense tool.
Used only on one finger like a traditional Gri-Gri knuckle duster with the bottle opener section the striking surface, the lower part of the "8" the palm rest and the middle section between the two circles acting as a support for the ring and index fingers.
They can be worn like a necklace, or added to your keys.
As you can see in the pictures they have changed a bit from the original design, which was a bit crude and the bottle opener part didn't work, the final refined design works great now though and i have a one of these that has opened many bottles of beer.
The size for this particular model is medium to large hands/fingers and would not fit slim/small fingers very well, however they can be made to fit any size by changing the hole diameter.
Features round finger holes and a curved palm rest and round striking surface.
Makers marks include - WC, U.K, 2010.
Overall a quite unique design, and reasonably comfortable if held correctly, great for E.D.C and as a collection piece.

Dimensions - 40mm wide, 85mm high, 6mm thick, Finger holes are 22mm round.

Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think! Thanks.

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  1. Hi there, are these available for mail order in the UK? Many thanks.

  2. I broke my brass knuckles on accident into a bunch of small pieces what can I do with them I think there pot metal