Saturday, 15 January 2011

Home Made Solid Steel Two Finger Knuckle Duster

Brand new for 2011 - Solid Steel Two Finger Knuckle Duster - My first ever solid steel knuckle dusters - Made to be held so that the middle and ring fingers are in the finger holes, and the two other fingers are supported by the outer grooves.
The pattern on the metal is from natural rust that was on the metal, then ground down to leave a shiney surface but still keeping the rust pits, I may also blue the metal at a later date.
These are not actually cut down knuckle dusters / brass knuckles, but where designed this way to make them smaller yet just as effective as full size knuckle duster.
The knuckle duster features no spikes but instead has flat striking surfaces,
The size is suited to Medium to large hands/fingers, and are not really suited to small or slim fingers.
Features Oval style finger holes and a curved palm rest,
Weight is pretty heavy due to them being solid steel, even though they aren't that thick they still weigh twice as much as a aluminium knuckle duster of the same size.

Features various makers marks, WC-11, U.K, STEEL.

Overall a great new piece for my collection and one I thought I would never have, they are very comfortable if you have the right size hands, although one thing I would say is that when you have gotten used to aluminium knuckle dusters you tend to find materials like steel and brass to be very heavy when carried in your pockets.

Dimensions - 90mm wide, 73mm high, 8mm thick, Finger holes are 22mm wide and 33mm high approx.

Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think! Thanks.

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  1. wow mike, that is amazing! keep up the good work!