Wednesday, 20 July 2011

WeaponCollector's Homemade Pump Action Crossbow

WeaponCollector's Homemade Pump Action Crossbow - A 90% Homemade Pump Action Crossbow, the only things that were not  made were the prod and string, which is a bought pistol prod and string.

Made in July of 2011, it took about 15hrs work spread over a period of about 2 weeks, virtually entirely hand made, with a drill being the only power tool used.

Made using 12mm Plywood, some 2mm Aluminium, some 10mm , and 5mm aluminium, plus various screw, bolts, glue and a few springs.

The way this crossbow was made is also one of the most simple ways they can be done, its doesn't need a lot of tools or skill using the method I use.

This is a fully working model, although the pump doesn't really work due to the quality of the groove for the pump handle, its single shot only, shoots standard 6" pistols bolts.

Draw weight is approx 80lbs, which is about as powerful as you can get for a pistol, makes for a fun crossbow.

It has a reasonably hard trigger pull, which is compensated for by have a large trigger made for two fingers.
Trigger pull is usually quite hard for this kind of trigger mechanism, due to the way its made however you soon get used to it after shooting a few times.

After finishing the Crossbow I tested it and after quite a lot of few adjustments it eventually fired o.k,
to be honest though it is normal to have to make quite a few adjustments when making homemade crossbows of this kind.

I have also filmed the entire "Making of a Pump Action  Crossbow" series for this crossbow which can be viewed either on my blog, or on my Youtube channel - WeaponCollector - There is a total of 10+ "making of" videos in the series.

Video of this Crossbow being shot and tested - COMING SOON
Overall a great project to make, simple and easy, and I think most people should be able to make something similar.

Dimensions : Full length - 15" , Width - 1.5" , Prod width - 17" , Height - 8" , Draw Length is 6".

I hope you liked my Pump Action Crossbow, Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

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  1. Hello Dear friend
    A long time ago, I suppose your intention was to sell a kit of your product to mount at customer home...
    Is it correct or not?
    Please tell me if you go ahead with this your intention !
    In my oppinion it was a great idea