Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Urban / City Emergency Survival Tin

Urban / City / Subway Emergency Survival Tin / Kit
Made to be used in an urban survival situation to save lives and get you rescued quickly in a : Terror Attack on a Train or Bus or Building, Earth Quake, Flood, Natural Disasters, Riots, and various other SHTF Urban Situations.
Stuff to add or change at a later date if possible - Small radio + earphones or tiny speaker.
Spare batteries for Torch and radio if possible. small pliers / scissors or leather man tool or other small multi tools that are out there.
Condom - possibly, would need water in a city, there's got to be plenty of places to find water in a city hasn't there?

Mini pry bar tool.
Credit Card tool.
Lock Picks.
Hand Cuff Key.
Water Purification Tablets

I may try to find a slightly larger tin that can accommodate some of the other gear more easily.

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