Friday, 22 April 2011

Crossbow and Bow Collection (Homemade and bought)

WeaponCollector's Crossbow and Bow collection, some homemade and some bought from shops or online,
Bought crossbows are - Barnett Commando 2 compound crossbow 150lb draw weight, a Trident 80lb draw weight pistol crossbow, and a cheap no name brand 50lb draw weight pistol crossbow,
The bought bow is a 10lb draw weight Junior practice bow.
All other items were handmade and consist of a rifle crossbow with 100lb draw weight prod, a pistol crossbow with 50lb prod, a wrist crossbow with 50lb prod, and two hand made Bows, one a take down 35lb draw weight bow and a 45lb draw weight bow.

For more details check out the other entries in this blog.

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  1. i have the red bow,great blog.

  2. i want to get either a crossbow or bow which should i get

    1. Defintitely a crossbow, they're silent and deadly and easier to carry around and offer pretty much the same amount of PE potential energy as a big bulky bow. I have a Precision inferno, very good xbow

  3. Crossbow's can be more fun because they are a little less tiring to shoot, and easier to shoot too and be accurate with, but a bow can be great fun too.
    its hard to say which is better, why not get a cheap version of both and then get a better one of which ever you like best.