Saturday, 23 April 2011

Hand Made Karambit

Hand Made Karambit - A Solid aluminium handle Karambit knife based on the Karambit's that can be bought all around the world.

As mentioned this is a solid aluminium handle with stainless steel blade, the blade was taken from a cheap $10 folding knife and turned into the knife you see here.
It is made to be held with either your index finger in the hole or your little finger in the finger hole.
The size is suited to any size hands as long as you can get your finger in the hole and fingers in between the two guard parts.
Features one round finger hole and a curved handle and curved blade.

Weight is average due the size and it being Aluminium,
Features the makers marks - WC-11.
Overall a good use for some old crappy folders, looks good on display too.

Dimensions - 50mm wide, 195mm long overall, 12mm thick, Finger hole is 28mm round.approx.

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  3. "The karambit knife is the most tactical knife which is used in knife fighting training as well."