Sunday, 21 March 2010

My Lock Back Knives Collection.

My Lock Back Knives Collection.

Locking knives, such as the lock back knife have locking mechanism such as a catch that must be released in a distinct action before the knife can be folded. This lock improves safety by preventing accidental blade closure while cutting. In contrast, slip joint knives rely only on a small sliding spring to keep the blade open, and if enough force is applied to the back of the knife, the blade will close.

This Blog entry features pictures of my lock back knives, In the pics are a few Andujar knives, a Scrimshaw lock back, a Camp U.S.A Branded knife, a Boker Magnum brand knife and a CRKT Cascade knife, and a few other classic style lock knives, all knives (as the title suggests) are Lock Backs, which refers to the locking mechanism, some also features Thumbs studs for easy/fast opening. All are medium size knives that are approx 12cm closed and 21cm open, a few have real animal horn handles and some are hard woods.

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