Saturday, 6 June 2015

Urban Survival Pry Bar Multi Tools Funding - PEASE HELP - DONATE OR SHARE

Funding to help me start making prybars again and hopefully do it as a living too if possible.

If you donate £30 you will get a pry bar - (£10 less than I sell them currently).

For £10 you will get a "Figure 8 Bottle Opener" made by myself.
Other donations lower than £10 will get a shout-out on my Youtube channel and link shares etc.

Click The Image Below To Go Straight To The Fund-Raiser Now

Please help, even if its just by sharing this blog entry or the fund-raiser itself, share buttons are below

Share this link too  -

I hope you can help, you don't need to donate though, just share, maybe someone else will!


Mike (WeaponCollector)

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  1. Hi I am in the UK I do want to know if there are any collectors out there for knuckle dusts at all has I am doing a collection of my own so if you do have any up for sale do get in contact with me