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Saturday, 6 June 2015

Modded Maglite Flashlight (lead weighted & lanyard)


Modded 3 D-Cell Maglite Flashlight - with added lead weight for self defence and a lanyard.

The lanyard was made by drilling two holes in the pommel of the maglite, inserting paracord , tying it off and filling the holes with silicone sealant to keep the flashlight waterproof,

The lead is inserted around the bulb holder but leaving a gap so the bulb can still move freely for focusing, then some strips of lead were added to the top under the reflector. this changes the weight from 23oz or 674g to 31oz or 900g.

The reason for these modification is to turn a decent flashlight into an even better self defence weapon, you now have a self tighten lanyard - meaning the flashlight cannot be pulled out of your hand and lots of added weight in the striking end for a lot of a heavier hit.

These are very easy mods to do, anyone who can drill a hole and get hold of lead can do this, well worth doing in my opinion. doesn't now change the over looks of the flashlight and chances are no one would ever know the lead was there either.

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