Saturday, 15 February 2014

How to make Sand Bags for Flooding

Flood Defence Tactics - Improvised Sand Bags

How to make improvised sand bags for flooding and at risk areas using sleeves, socks, trouser legs, pillow cases and plastic bin bags or rubble sacks filled with a mix of sand and mud or plain sand or gravel from your drive way - for use in emergencies.

Sandbags and how to use them properly for flood protection

Filling the bags
This is a two-person job: one to hold the bag open
and one to fill.
Do not fill bags more than half full.
You don’t need to tie the end of the bag.
Placing the bags
Clear any debris from the area where the bags are
to be placed.
If you can, put a large sheet of heavy-duty plastic
between the sandbags and the wall of your house.
Place the bags lengthways, tucking the open end
under the filled half of the bag and position it
pointing into the direction of water flow.
Place bags in layers. Like a brick wall, make sure
that in the next layer each bag overlaps the one
below by half.
Stamp bags firmly into place to eliminate gaps and
create a tight seal.
To lay sandbags in a doorway, it may be
necessary to empty some of the contents out or
shape the sandbags to achieve a good fit without

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