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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Hand Made Studded Club Mace


Lead Weighted Mini Truncheon Mace / Club

Made from 6 sections of plywood, glue together with lead inside a cavity, metal straps for added strength weighs over 1.9lbs and is just over 10 inches long, completely hand made with out A lathe - all detail are in video.

A truncheon or baton (also called a cosh, Paddy wacker, billystick, billy club, nightstick, sap, blackjack, stick) is essentially a stick of less than arm's length, usually made of wood, plastic, or metal, and carried by law-enforcement, corrections, security, and (less often) military personnel for less lethal self-defense, as well as control and to disperse combative and non-compliant subjects. A truncheon may be used to strike, jab, block, and aid in the application of armlocks. Truncheons are used to a lesser extent by non-officials because of their easy concealment, and are outlawed in many jurisdictions.

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