Thursday, 15 March 2012

How to make a Resetting Air Rifle / Pistol Target - PART 2

The Finished Target

How to make a Resetting Air Rifle / Pistol Target - PART 2


Tools and Materials : Wood Saw, drill and some small and large drill bits and a large 2" wood cutting drill bit, Tin Snips / Shears, hammer, hacksaw, vice, glue, Some scrap wood, at least 3ft x 4ft (I used Pine) also some dense wood like Plyboard - about 15cm x 30cm should do, various screws (large and small) some screw-in eyelets and some washers, a spring, 1ft of copper tubing, and 1ft of threaded rod or similar rod that will fit inside the copper tube, 1ft x 3/4" steel 3mm thick, and some tin - 1mm or 2mm (I used 3 fence post brackets, but any tin will do)

All Materials are featured in the pics above and any similar type of materials will do for this project
PART 2 : Now remove the swinging plate and take your pieces of tin and drill various holes and screw in onto the plywood plate (as shown in pics two and three), now add the spring using a screw and a small eyelet as shown in pic three.
Then cut a board to go above the swinging plate 10" x 7" and glue and screw that on. now drill a hole big enough for the threaded rod 2" in, and 2" 1/2 high (pic five)
Now cut 3 pieces of plywood 1" 1/2  x  1"1/2  and cut some tin 1" 1/2  x  4" 1/2 fold the tin over the wood leaving a gap at the top big enough to hang them on the threaded rod, this will act like a hinge, now glue and screw the tin onto the wood. then cut the tubing into 1" and 1" 3/4  lengths to act as spacers and thread a spacer on, then a tin plate, then spacer and so on, as shown in pic seven.
Now just cut a lid approx 11"1/2  x  7" and screw that om, all you need to do now is screw on the steel protector just above the shooting two holes  (drill four holes in the steel) and then you can paint it any colour you like.
That's it, one homemade resettable target for Air Guns


Please feel free to leave a comment if you need help or just want to discuss this topic. Thanks!

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