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How to make a Resetting Air Rifle / Pistol Target - PART 1

The Finished Resetting Target

How to make a Resetting Air Rifle / Pistol Target - PART 1

Tools and Materials : Wood Saw, drill and some small and large drill bits and a large 2" wood cutting drill bit, Tin Snips / Shears, hammer, hacksaw, vice, glue, Some scrap wood, atleast 3ft x 4ft (I used Pine) also some dense wood like Plyboard - about 15cm x 30cm should do, various screws (large and small) some screw-in eyelets and some washers, a spring, 1ft of copper tubing, and 1ft of threaded rod or similar rod that will fit inside the copper tube, 1ft x 3/4" steel 3mm thick, and some tin - 1mm or 2mm (I used 3 fence post brackets, but any tin will do)
All Materials are featured in the pics above and any similar type of materials will do for this project.

To Start - Take two bits of tin 8" 1/2 x 2" 1/2, place together as shown in pic three and draw on two 2" circles in the centre that are 2" apart and then cut out using the tin snips or any way you like.
Then drill various small holes in the tin to secure it to the wood base using screws, as shown in pic five

Once done cut a piece of pine wood or what ever you have to 10" x 5", place you tin on the woods as a template and draw where the holes are, then using the 2" drill cut out the holes as shown in pics six and seven.
Once cut out screw the tin onto the wood as shown in pic seven.

Now cut two bits of wood 7" x 10" 1/2 for the sides and glue and screw onto the front plate as shown in pics eight and nine and cut a board 10" x 6" 1/4 for the base and glue and screw that on too.
Then cut two bits of  tin 4" x 3" 1/4  and also one bit of the denser wood the same size - 4" x 3" 1/4,
at the same time get your eyelets and  put one in the middle of the front plate at about 7mm high, then add a screw to the plyboard plate ( the 4" x 3" 1/4 one) slip the screw over the eyelet and then add the other eyelet about 5mm above the top of the plyboard plate (last pic) and add a screw and washer as shown, this creates a hinge , make sure your plate is swinging o.k.

This is the end of PART 1 , part two is HERE

Please feel free to leave a comment if you need help or just want to discuss this topic. Thanks!!

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