Sunday, 19 June 2011

Homemade Carbine Crossbow

Homemade Carbine Crossbow -  A 100% homemade crossbow, the only thing that wasn't made was the string, which is a bought pistol string.
Made in May and June of 2011, it took about 20hrs work spread over a period of about 2-3 week, virtually entirely hand made, with a drill being the only power tool used.

Made using 12mm Plywood, some 2mm Aluminium, some 1" aluminium and 5mm Aluminium, plus various screw, bolts, glue and a few springs.
The way this crossbow was made is also one of the most simple ways they can be done, its doesn't need a lot of tools or skill using the method I use.
This is a fully working model, single shot only, shoots standard 6" pistols bolts or homemade 10" rifle bolts.
Draw weight is approx 40 - 50lbs, which isn't that powerful but still makes for a fun crossbow.

It has a reasonably hard  trigger pull, but that's normal for this kind of trigger mechanism, and you soon get used to it after shooting a few times.

After finishing the Crossbow I tested it and it fired perfectly after a few adjustments, with the1" nut design you can add a groove for the bolt so that the bolt is actually touching the string, this means you are a lot less likely to get any misfires.

The prod is also 100% homemade and can be removed at any time and swapped for virtually any size prod by using various inserts, you can find a blog entry showing how to make a Crossbow Prod HERE

I have also filmed the entire "Making of a Carbine Crossbow"series for this crossbow which can be viewed either on my blog, or on my Youtube channel - WeaponCollector - There is a total of 6 "making of" videos in the series, the last video features a myself showing the crossbow being fired into various targets.

For a video of this Crossbow being shot and tested click HERE

Overall a great project to make, simple and easy, and I think most people should be able to make something similar.

Dimensions : Full length - 26" , Width - 2" , Prod width - 17" , Height - 6.5" , Draw Length is 7".
I hope you liked my Carbine Crossbow, Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.

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  1. Hello my friend
    I followed your videos about this homemade Carbine my opinion the prod and the tutorial is very well done! I make ship models (half hulls)only for my pleasure and I will try to build your crossbow, but using a stell blade used by the suspension system of the old VW...(I am a portuguese old man...75 years old)thanks a lot for your partipation in this excellent project! Bye, Bye

    1. Hi Octávio, Thanks for watching and commenting, I glad you enjoyed the video and tutorials.

      Let me know how you got on with making one, I'd love to see it.


      (if you have any questions just ask)

  2. What is the prod made from?