Thursday, 29 July 2010

Home Made Trench Knife

Grey Handle Single Edged Trench Knife / Knuckle Duster Knife -

This Trench knife is based on those from World War One and various other trench knife designs , It is quite a traditional design, it can be wielded like an ordinary knife or used in a stabbing position.
The size will fit medium/large hands, but is not really suited to small hands.
Features Oval finger holes and a flat palm rest, the weight is  reasonably low due to the handle being made of Aluminium, it is actually 4 sections of  aluminium (2 x 5mm Alu, and 2 x 2mm Alu ) that are glued and bolted together in about 8 places using hidden screws and holes.
These do not have spikes but the tops are curved to a point, this would do considerable damage in a fighting / War situation,
It also has a leather Sheath, that has a Belt loop and handle latch, but that's it, it is a very simple sheath.

Dimensions :
Blade - 16cm  -
Handle - 115mm wide, 80mm high, 14mm thick - Finger holes are approx - 23mm wide and 30mm high,

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