Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Chronicles of Riddick Knuckle Duster Saber Claws

The Chronicles of Riddick Knuckle Duster Saber Claws -
This Knuckle Duster knife/Saber Claw is based on the knives used in the Chronicles of Riddick Films, and was designed for part of a competition I held, This knuckle duster design came second to the Motorhead War Pig design,  As far as I know it is completely original or was at the time when i first got it, the knuckle duster part is a tradition design, featuring four spikes,
The size will fit medium hands, but will just about fit Normal/large hands .
Features Oval finger holes and a comfortable curved palm rest, the weight is average due to the handle being made of Aluminium and the blade being steel, the blade is held in place with bolts, to get the blade in place there is a channel cut into the bottom of the knuckle dusters palm rest.
The  blade is a live edge, but is not "razor" sharp.

Dimensions :
Blade - 20cm  -
Handle - 110mm wide, 80mm high, 15mm thick - Finger holes are approx - 23mm wide and 27mm high,
Blade is approx 3mm thick.

Please leave a comment letting me know what you think! Thanks.


  1. i like it Mike! that is so well made, you have this down to a science and art!

  2. Very impressive. I was looking for replica blades like in COR for my collection, and I found this picture.

    Do you sell these? I would interested in a pair.


  3. Jolly Good Show Mate! Been tempted to get the replica of Riddicks for many moons. Had to be practical, so far. Latest price is $22.00. Like the way you incorporated knuckles on it, although I like the curve on Riddicks. An idea... When I had the tools I was going to get armor plate then use a torch for cutting. Eventually purchas a plasma to cut the designs. More flexability in shape and higher Rockwell then additional tempering.