Saturday, 29 May 2010

Handmade Brass Knuckles Nunchakus (Knucklechucks)

Brass Knuckles Nunchakus (Knucklechucks or Knuckchucks)

Made from Solid Aluminium Plate, and a steel chain, these combine the punching devastastion of brass knuckles and the speed and prowess of the Nunchakus.
As far as I know these are One of a kind, the chain is long enough to block and at the same time throw a punch, they can be used to strike like a nunchaku or strangle using the chain, but also used as a set of brass knuckles / Knuckle Dusters, each knuckle duster handle also has a Skull crusher used for hammer blows, the chain is approxamately 21" long,
Features Oval style finger holes and a flat palm rest with skull crusher.
Made in 2009 as part of a competition.

Dimensions : 135mm long, 70mm high, and 10mm thick, chain is 3mm steel.

Also Known as - Бокс (оръжие), Puny americà, Boxer (zbraň), Dyrnau haearn, Knojern, Schlagring, Puño de acero, Puño Americano, Altzairuzko ukabila, Nyrkkirauta, Tirapugni, ナックルダスター, Kastete, Kastet, Buku lima, Boksbeugel, Knokejern, Soco-inglês, Кастет, Boksar (orožje), Knogjärn, Muşta, 鐵蓮花, Knuckle dusters, knuckles, handmade, home made, how to make, sale, selling, trade, swap, Brass Knuckles, Brass Knucks, Poing Americain

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