Friday, 19 February 2010

WeaponCollector's Sword Collection

WeaponCollector's Sword Collection, Samurai Sword, Ninja Sword, Pakistani Sword, and a Cavalry Sword.

The Samurai Katana, and Ninja Long Sword are both live edge inexpensive ornamental swords, 440 stainless steel blades, Traditional bound handles, and decorative tsuba, plus attractive binding on the scabbards, Neither of these sword can be bought in the u.k now, but they are still legal to own, both were bought from RangeRight ltd,
However genuine hand made Japanese Samurai Swords can still be bought 100% legally in the u.k,

Dimensions for both - 70cm Blade, and 23cm handle and 108cm overall

Not much info on the others, one is possible a reproduction cavalry sword, the other is a cheap Pakistani sword bought for £15 from a antique store, the cheap Pakistani sword was later cut down to make it a short sword and the rest was used for a trench knife.

The cavalry sword was given to me by my friend Mark,But he never told me any info on the sword at the time, the blade looks Old, but the handle does not.

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  1. the indian 1 you cut down is the same as my 10£ one i think :)