Thursday, 25 February 2010

In Case Of Zombies Spike Truncheon and Machete

In Case Of Zombies (Zombie Killer & Special Machete)

Zombie Killer - 20 inchs longs, has 13.5 oz of lead incased inside it, weighs 1lb,11oz and has a Aluminium hand guard with the words "Zombie Killer" imprinted on it.
Made from laminated plywood, took about 4hrs to make, is varnished with clear satin varnsish.

Special Machete - 14 inch blade, 20 inchs overall, includes Knuckle duster gaurd and Skull crusher spike.
Handle Made from aluminium, and the blade is tramontina steel, made in brazil, Nylon Sheath, It took about 6hrs to make the handle, made from 25mm thick aluminium.
made in 2008 or 2009.

Box was made in 2009 by myself.

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  1. I love both your survival and weapons blog!

    How do you drive those nails into the club so they stay in propper place?