Sunday, 16 April 2017

One Finger Skull Knuckle Duster

Hand Made One Finger Skull Knuckle Duster - Designed by WeaponCollector, this is a one off small ladies self defense tool, as mentioned this is a slightly smaller size one finger knuckle duster / brass knuckles, made as a disguised self defense tool, can be hung on a key ring and acts a last ditch self defense weapon, could possibly he carried in many places other weapons can't due to it disguised design.

Features a single oval style finger hole and support for the two adjoined fingers, curved palm rest, and a flat or almost concave striking surface, they are made to fit medium to small size hand / fingers and specifically ladies hands.

Weight is low due the size and it being Aluminium.

Features the no makers marks or date, but was made 2017.

Overall a great little self defense disguised knuckle duster, great to carry and conceal, and makes a great talking point due to its looks, and should easily be just thought of as a skull key ring pendant.

Dimensions - 65mm high, 55mm wide, 8mm thick, Finger hole is 26mm high and 22mm wide approx.

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Also Known as - Бокс (оръжие), Puny americà, Boxer (zbraň), Dyrnau haearn, Knojern, Schlagring, Puño de acero, Puño Americano, Altzairuzko ukabila, Nyrkkirauta, Tirapugni, ナックルダスター, Kastete, Kastet, Buku lima, Boksbeugel, Knokejern, Soco-inglês, Кастет, Boksar (orožje), Knogjärn, Muşta, 鐵蓮花, Knuckle dusters, knuckles, Brass Knuckles, Brass Knucks, Poing Amerian, schlagring, knuckleduster, weaponcollector, homemade, hand made, home, made, diy, how to make, hand made, handmade, #brassknuckles #knuckldusters #weaponcollector

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