Thursday, 13 December 2012

Heavy Duty Urban Survival Pry Bar (blued version) FOR SALE

Urban Survival Pry Bar (blued version) -
WeaponCollector's Heavy Duty Urban Survival Pry Bars, designed and created by myself.
The model shown is Available Now from myself and coming soon to eBay (link coming soon), if you are interested in a pry bar email myself at - - Prices and details below.

The Pry Bars are Available to ship Worldwide, and are shipped from the U.K

The Prybars are approx 10" 1/2 long and 1" 3/8 wide. all come with paracord wrapped handle and survival kit.
Each prybar tool consists of the following - 2 x prying tools, 2 x nail pullers, wood saw and cutting edge, bottle and tin opener, flat screwdriver, lanyard hole,  2.5m approx of paracord.

The Urban Survival kits under the paracord vary and can consist of  -
1 x lock Pick, 1 x tension tools, 1 x craft style blade / stanley blade, snare wire ,P-38 tin opener, matches, compass, magnifying glass, band aids / plasters, safety pins, wood saw, metal saw.
(No kit will include all these items, but will have many of them)

Each is hand made and fully hardened and each can be made to the buyers specification if wanted, these changes can include - removing the blade or saw, making the prybar longer or shorter, making the handle thinner for smaller hands, Blued finish or Painted and other changes.

Recommended for E.D.C (Every Day Carry) or a in B.O.B (Bail Out Bag) or in the car or other everyday places like a rucksack, handbag, brief case, I have designed these tools as an Urban Survival item similar to Breacher bars and other entry / escape tools, ideal for carrying in the bottom of your bag while travelling on public transport, especially buses, trams and trains, it could save your life in an accident or other situations that are out of your control.
Maybe you are walking down the street and a incident happens, you may need to get away fast, or hide, these tools will get you in or out of a building or vehicle, that's what they are designed for, escape and evasion and to save lives, maybe a house is on fire and you need to get in or out, again this tool could save your life or someone else's.
But at the same time, you have other survival items - tin opener, para cord, blade and saws etc, all good for survival in urban or rural situations that occur everyday.
Either way I feel these are a great addition to any survival kit or every day carry bag, and a great alternative to the standard pry bars that are available.

PRICES  - Standard Pry bar with all tools, paracord and kit - £35 + £5 postage (prices may vary if customised and depend on what changes were made)
Paypal is my preferred payment option if possible, then private cheque / check, but other options are available

Dimensions :10-1/2 " long, 1-3/8" wide, 1/4" thick approx, Weight - 450g / 1 lb  

Please feel free to leave a comment below, Email me for all details of prices if you are interested (they are a fraction of the price of any commercial tool of this type)


  1. thanks for share.

  2. Nice work. I tried to contact yuo in vain to buy three of this Pry Bars. It seems you don't like to answer emails. I understand. There is some store where to buy them or some blueprints or models to make one? Best regards, Sergio