Tuesday, 9 October 2012

One Finger Brass Knuckles - Knuckle Duster


Standard Size One Finger Aluminium Knuckle Duster - A small one finger knuckle duster that supports three fingers, Made from aluminium, with a large flat palm rest and thickness of approximately 12mm's making these knuckle dusters a very comfortable item to wear, these are one of the safest one finger style knuckle dusters you can use, they sit in the hand very well, and lock in place if held correctly.

The knuckle duster features a triangular style striking surface.
The size is suited to Medium hands/fingers, but will fit smaller hands.
Features one oval style finger hole but supports three fingers and has a flat palm rest,
Weight is pretty low for its size, due it being made Aluminum,

Dimensions - 70mm wide, 80mm high, 12mm thick, Finger hole is 22mm wide x 29mm high approx.

Features various makers marks - 32 (My age at the time) U.K and WC-12

Overall I would say this is a great little knuckle duster, and finished lovely too
These are also great concealable self defense weapons, due it its size it could be hidden in many places.

Please leave a comment below letting me know what you think! Thanks. 

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  1. Can I buy one,England 07789466780. For my bint she's hard but everyone carries knifes. I've brought cs gas for a lot of my friend that r lady's but they don't carry it around cos if u have it on u,u get nicked in the uk