Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Thin Simple Knuckle Duster

Thin Simple Knuckle Duster - An old very simple design knuckle duster.

Although a very simple design knuckle duster / brass knuckles it is still reasonably comfortable and reasonably safe to use too if they fit well, the reason I say if they fit well is because round finger holes tend not to fit very well as opposed to oval finger holes, round finger holes need to fit the two middle fingers to be able to be safe to use, however saying that there is a way to hold a knuckle duster that doesn't fit well so they are safe to use.
The design is copied from some of the old traditional designs but changed a bit.
The size for this Knuckle Duster is medium hands, but may fit large hands as well, features round finger holes and a flat palm rest and round striking surfaces.

Weight is low due it to its thickness and being made of aluminium.

Features no makers marks but was made by the same person who makes most of my other knuckle dusters, and was made around 2005 .

Overall a good old knuckle duster, Simple yet effective.

Dimensions - 115mm wide, 70mm high, 6mm thick, Finger holes are 26mm round.

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Also Known as - Бокс (оръжие), Puny americà, Boxer (zbraň), Dyrnau haearn, Knojern, Schlagring, Puño de acero, Puño Americano, Altzairuzko ukabila, Nyrkkirauta, Tirapugni, ナックルダスター, Kastete, Kastet, Buku lima, Boksbeugel, Knokejern, Soco-inglês, Кастет, Boksar (orožje), Knogjärn, Muşta, 鐵蓮花, Knuckle dusters, knuckles,Brass Knuckles, Brass Knucks, Poing Americain

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