Thursday, 28 January 2010

Home Made Spiked Knuckle Duster / Brass Knuckles

Custom Fit Spiked Knuckle, these knuckles dusters / brass knuckles are custom fit to my fingers and hand, Features a "skull Crusher" spike for hammer blows.
Made to fit a medium sized hand with minimal gap above and between the fingers, this makes the knuckle duster fit the hand better and makes them safer to use (badly fitting knuckle dusters could break or hurt some of your fingers, although there is a way to hold ill fitting knuckle dusters that prevents injury).

The size is Medium to Large hands, but is more suited to medium hands.

Features Oval finger holes and a flat palm rest, each finger hole is sized according to the persons fingers and therefore get bigger and smaller as they go along, because they are custom fit they are also very comfortable and safe to wear.

Weight is average due it being Aluminium and quite thick.

These feature five spikes for punch style striking and hammer blows.

Features no makers mark,but were made by the same person who made some of my other Knuckle dusters.

Dimensions - 110mm wide, 70mm high, 22mm thick. (finger holes sizes vary)
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  1. A spiked claw design knuckle duster / brass knuckles, these particular ones where made around 1999-2000 as far as I can remember.