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Sunday, 1 January 2012

WeaponCollector's Urban Tanto Survival Knife (For Sale)

WeaponCollector's Urban Tanto Survival Knife, designed and created by myself.
The model shown is Available Now from myself, if you are interested in a Urban Tanto Survival Knife email myself at - - Prices and details below.
The Urban Tanto Survival Knives are Available to ship Worldwide, and are shipped from the U.K.

The Urban Tanto Survival Knives are approx 11" long and 1" 3/8 wide. all come with paracord wrapped handle and survival kit.
Each Knife/Tool consists of the following - 5" 1/2 blade, 1 x prying tool, bottle and tin opener, flat screwdriver, lanyard hole,  2.5m approx of paracord.

The Urban Survival kits under the paracord vary and can consist of  -
1 x lock Pick, 1 x tension tools, 1 x craft style blade / stanley blade, snare wire ,P-38 tin opener, matches, compass, magnifying glass, band aids / plasters, safety pins, wood saw, metal saw.
(No kit will include all these items, but will have many of them)

Each is hand made and fully hardened and tempered and each can be made to the buyers specification if wanted, these changes can include - adding a saw back,changing blade shape/ type, making the blade longer or shorter, making the handle thinner for smaller hands and other changes.

Recommended for E.D.C (Every Day Carry) - if legal to do so, or a in B.O.B (Bail Out Bag) or as a survival knife for camping. .
Great for survival due to the fact it contains so many tools - tin opener, para cord, blade and saws etc, all good for survival in urban or rural situations that occur everyday.
These are a great addition to any survival kit or every day carry bag, and a great alternative to the standard knives that are available.

PRICES  - Standard Knife with all tools, paracord and kit - £35 + £5 postage (prices and posatge may vary if customised and more then one item bought and depend on what changes were made)

Western Union Payment coming soon

Paypal can be a  payment option if needed, then private cheque / check, but other options are available

Dimensions :11" long, 1-3/8" wide, 1/4" thick approx,   

Please feel free to leave a comment below, Email me for all details of prices if you are interested (they are a fraction of the price of any commercial knives of this type)


  1. Hi Mike,
    Just watched your vid on the Wmpyr Urban knife choice. You've done a great job on that beast.
    The only thing I could possibly add to your survival sheath stuff would be a handcuff key. But, really, a handcuff key would be best hidden in your hair or some other part of your body, because they'd take away everything you own most likely before they cuff you.

  2. the knife looks great in my opinion better the moust of the stuff selling out there at the moment. im thinking of ordering one but i have doubts about the steel. If you could please make a field test with the knife (survival) it would probably put allot of minds at ease.

  3. How much would the knife be in the US (with shipping)? Thanks.

  4. It's a great design and it feels hreat to have a really custom made knife.
    Great job.

  5. I have always wanted one of these! Thanks for writing about it! Thanks for the article! It was a lot of good info. I am researching for this.

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